Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Year I was MIA in a Nutshell

As some of you know over a year ago I wrote a post indicating I would leave the light on in my cyber home. I did my very best for over 3 1/2 years to make you feel welcome when you visited even during some of my most difficult times. It became more difficult for me to open the door and greet you as I once did and personal visits to your homes with comments became more and more difficult as changes continued to take place in my life. So I made the decision to leave the light on and ride the roller coaster of life.

Once that decision was made, I took care of myself or made an attempt at it. I did have an advantage an from time to time I would peek in on your life to see what was going on by reading you through a reader---sneaky I know. Now just what has been going on here in my little world---well briefly, in a nutshell.

This past year we split time between my mom's and Daddy B's. Daddy B was admitted to the hospital three time in two months. After Momma B died, we had made the decision we would visit at least once a month and staying five to six days. During the time he was sick that changed and we we were there all but three days.

My mom was very sick for several months, her condition was deteriorating the physicians and the staff at the Nursing Home felt she would not live from Thanksgiving until Christmas . I would not give up, I took her to a Neurologist she had seen six years earlier. With his help, and some recommendations he made which included changing physicians at the Nursing Home, changing many medications and a referral to a Nephrologist (kidney specialist), which lead to a hospital admission for several weeks----things went well. Today, my mom is doing well and happy at the Nursing Home.

One of Carl's aunts died that he had spent summer vacations with as a child. He was a pall barrier and the service. This was his mothers oldest sister and her death was almost a year after his mom died. I have a very small family and my only remaining aunt passed away very unexpected at a very young age of 68.

Things are going very well with Carl and with Smoltz---thank goodness. Now for my update---drum roll---please----In addition to ongoing battles with my Multiple Sclerosis, I have now been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia as well as The Anticardiolipin Antibody Syndrome or Lupus Anticoagulant as well as Vitamin B-12 deficiency or Pernicious Anemia. Now for the very the very good news in all this is my new Family Physician rocks---in addition to be a hottie. He has taken a very strong interest in me after seeing me twice and is certain he will be able to help me so I will begin to feel as I once did---those are his words not mine. In one visit after talking to me and looking over my labs work I took with me he knew what to order and on the second visit he had identified the Vitamin B-12 deficiency---mine has actually progressed to the Pernicious Anemia and I will be taking B-12 injections the rest of my life--and Carl loves to give them to me. He also found the Anticardiolipin Antibody Syndrome and is treating me for that. He also indicated I am not a diabetic but I have Insulin Resistance---which is Pre-Diabetes so we will be working on that.

Now you understand this roller coaster? It really is one of highs-- lows --twists and turns but then----


Sally said...

I'm so happy to hear that you like the new physician and trust him. That's a large part of any battle we fight. Wonderful to know your mom is doing better; she's always had you in her corner and I know she feels blessed. You've had a rough year, but you sound upbeat. YAY!!

Love ya bunches! So glad you're back. :)

steelcowboy said...

Life is certain sure a rough ride. .. I am GLAD you are back darlin'.

Jane said...

Glad to have you back, my new blogger friend. There is a saying that I truly believe in...

Get up everyday and fight, fight, and fight!


Walker said...

Are you sure you're not making yourself sick so you could go see the new hunk of a docotr eh eh?

As we get older life gets more complicated and we hae to get better at living that life no matter how tough it gets.
I know you will cons5tantly prevail in you battle.

Susan said...

A year full of turmoil! And yet so full of love and giving of yourselves. So ,Did Daddy B pull through?
A lot of losses for you both. I get a sence that your relationship with Carl seems to have grown through these trial to an even closer knit.
How wonderful to hear about this new doctor for both your Mom and yourself! You were smart to seek new Health pros. Sometimes we are too trusting of Doctors and take their word as Gospel. Thanks for the reminder to always seek answers tht we can "live" with!

Gypsy said...

Good heavens Vickie, what a year! I'm so sorry for the losses you and Carl have suffered and for the extra burdens you are forced to endure health wise. A hottie for a doctor though almost sounds like the perfect trade off especially as you mentioned on my blog that he looks like Josh Holloway. Geez I'd be inventing diseases to go and see him :)

Craig wanted to give me my weekly shots but he said it with such glee I decided it might be better if I do them myself :) I was surprised at how easy it was after the first couple of times.

I hope things start the upward journey on that roller coaster now for you and your families. Did I mention how lovely it is to have you back?

Karen said...

Although I went through the roller coaster ride with you (via the telephone!) - and you go through mine with me, I'm so pleased to have you writing again. You have such a positive attitude and there's no one like you.

Love you, girl friend!

Cowboy Joe said...

I'm so glad you have someone to help you through all of those things. And I'm more than glad, I'm ecstatic that Carl and you are working it out. God has a funny way of placing us when and where we need to be and with those we need with us.

Thanks for the update. You've been in my thoughts and prayers all the time. Big hugs

Phoenix said...

Your conditions are sounding more and more like my mothers. She has fibromyalgia, has been diagnosed with lupus twice, has renal failure and her spine is degenerating to the point that she is having difficulty walking. Now they are saying that they found an enzyme in her system that only occurs when the body is fighting cancer or some other serious disease. You have always been on my prayer list and I hope this doctor can help you recover your health. Hugsssssss!

Dawn said...

I am glad you have a new doctor that you can put your trust with him. It sounds like you have a lot going on. Just say strong. Do what you can.

Love you!