Monday, October 27, 2008

Good News---Going Bald

Have you heard the news---the good news---I know most everything seems to be doom and gloom these days but not in my world. Oh You have not heard about it---well where have you been? Watching the stock market---I don't know why---you were wasting your time---if you had anything it is all gone. Have you noticed the price of gas as really come down---and here in Georgia we seem to be able to find it again.

Back to the news----not many days left until election---very long lines here in Georgia where we have early voting. It looks like we just might go Blue after several years of red---this does my heart good. It is leaning right now---but Blue WE are fighting. This has been a very nasty election---Presidential---as well as ---- Georgia Senate and House races. This is the first time --- Democrats came out ----using the same nasty campaign ads--- the Republicans--- used in Georgia. I do not approve of either using these tatics but if one is going to use it then both should.

Now for THE REAL Good NEWS---A drug developed to treat leukemia may be a powerful new weapon against multiple sclerosis, researchers say. Alemtuzumab appears to stop progression of the disease in patients with early stage active relapsing-remitting MS - the most common form of the condition.

The University of Cambridge study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, also suggests the drug may enable repair of previous damage.You may read all about the study here.

And if that is not enough----Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute have completed a study that show evidence that demyelinated tissues produce signals that can enhance the generation of new neurons in damaged areas of the brain. Based on those findings, there is enough evidence to support the idea that new neurons can re-grow in multiple sclerosis lesions. For more information you can read it here.

Now that is GOOD NEWS---and about the drug developed to treat leukemia it will not matter if I should be able to take it---you know----that side effect---losing hair---well---I don't have to worry about that---I'm already bald.---Yep, I was getting ready for my appointment to see the doctor---not the hottie but the nice one---last Wednesday. I had just finished showering and washing my hair when I looked in the mirror---

I freaked out----I screamed Carl----waking him up---now I had thick hair but there is this big bald spot on the top of my head----Of course this is the first time I have seen it so I am quickly caling my beautician to see if she had seen it----no answer at her shop---so guess what---in a small hick town you just call them at home----well no answer---

Off to the doctor---while patiently waiting I call the beautician and ask her if she had seen had noticed I was going bald---oh yeah I saw that big spot the last time I cut your hair---that was why I parted it different and styled it they way I did. Why did you not say something---Well I thought it had something to do with your MS---Hmmm at least I know when it started.

Thank goodness I am seeing the doctor--- she asks how I am --- I said oh just fine---where you are concerned---but look here--- I showed where I was bald---she said well that is not my area -- but she had a few things she wanted to check---

Well I'm still bald---and not sure what caused it but I think this looks---just fine----the down side---it is winter now---not summer---


steelcowboy said...

Bald ain't that bad.. (I keep telling myself that) ;)

Dawn said...

I like the good news. I am sorry to hear about your hair loss. Hopefully that can do something about it. *HUGS

Walker said...

When I saw the tilte i figured you decide to shave south of the border and surprise Carl but you really meant your head.

Just think you can now wear wigs and pretend to be who you want or just shave it all off and develope an Irish accent.

I am tired of all this election crap and get it over with.
The way I see it is Obama is going to win and the runner up will be Palin because she got a $150,000 wardrobe for free ;)

Gypsy said...

That is brilliant news about the new treatments Vickie but can they help you? Isn't your MS a lot more serious?

I have the type they are talking about and I take the Beta Interferon injections every week (Avonex) so I would probably be a good candidate. Oh it would be so awesome if it really worked.

Sorry about your bald spot hon. I hope they can get that sorted out for you but if not, knowing you, you will take it all in stride.

phoenix said...

My hair has been falling out but I think it is from all the stress I was under last year... at least I hope that is all it is. I have been trying my darndest to not freak out... but my hair was the only thing that I was ever vain about... I guess it is payback for that vainess? Oh well. I hope that you are a candidate for the treatment. I will cross my fingers sugar.

Sally said...

Oh what a blessing it would be if you can get the help you so blessedly deserve. Thanks Ms. Vickie for your support; I don't know what we'd do without our friends do you? Please take care, and I'm sorry I didn't see your update until now. As for my #5 - I'm glad you actually read it, and someone knows I'm not completely nuts. :)

itisi said...

I am sure you have heard that bald is beautiful; it goes double for you!
I am wondering though, is going bald a permanent thing or just a temporary thing?

Whatever it is, you have dealt with whatever life has thrown you will a lot of grace and dignity and I have no doubt that you will do the same in this situation!

Karen said...

Bald IS beautiful... and you're beautiful no matter what :-)

Love ya, GF!