Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Return of Jeti

The last time I shared a post was over a year ago, since that time many things have changed. Those changes have not been just in my life and those very close to me but look around at the changes the last year has brought. To most the changes have seldom been those that were welcome but most often those that were met with frustration. It is the many changes that have taken places and continue to take place each day and some of my feelings that have lead me to to return here.

When I decided to return to blogging I knew I wanted a special home. I knew the person who worked with me to build my home would be talented, kind and patient. I found all that in Danielle. Not only is she all that but she also donates a portion of her earnings to charity and most important she loves cats. I encourage anyone interested in a blog or a blog makeover to visit Danielle at Blogs by Danielle. Visit often because you never know when you might find discounts being offered and in today's environment everyone looks for a bargain. So go NOW check Danielle out.

Again, Danielle I love my new home and will enjoy spending time here. Now I just need to let everyone know the light is on.


Walker said...

First I would like to welcome you back and i must say its aout time.
I know you have een missed by many including me.
I am sure alot has changed for you in the last year as it has for many of us who choose to live life.

I like the new look and the rollercoaster at the top pretty much shows how life is.

itisi said...

Hey Lady!!
Welcome back!
I am so glad you are blogging again!
I love the new look for you blog and the rollercost pretty much sums up my life too!
I love cats, I have four now.
And I love every one of them!

Susan said...

Hi Vickie,
Welcome back!!! Huge hugs and kisses from me. I am so happy to see you back on the blog, you have been missed, and I have thought about you often.
I look forward to catching up with you and I hope this is a sign that though life is a roller coaster, you continue to find ways to enjoy the ride.
Your blog looks amazing!

Vickie said...

Walker--Thanks for the greeting, Life does have a way of changing things for us especially when we try to go with the flow and live life to the fullest to the best of our ability.

Yeah I have for so long said the roller coaster was the way of my life and think it is for others as well.

Thanks Girlfriend for the kind welcome back, you are one I have missed so much. It is nice to be back among friends. Wow four cats and I know they are all spoiled.

Susan, Thanks for the such a nice greeting. In time I will try and share a some of what has take place in the last year. I did have and advantage over you all. I was reading and keeping up as best I could just not commenting.
Life is a roller coaster just have to know how to enjoy it.

Karen said...

I am SO happy you are back! YAY!!!! Although we've talked on the phone a lot, there's something special about your writing and I enjoy reading every word you write.

Love you!!

Sally said...

I am OVERJOYED to see you back here! To say I missed you would be a HUGE understatement. I love you!

Gypsy said...

You have just made my day Vickie. Seeing your name pop up in my comments I thought "Surely it can't be THAT Vixkie". I scuttled right on over and here you are. It's wonderful to have you back and I just love your new blog.

Vickie said...

Karen, Thank you for the welcome back. You were one of the few I kept in touch with when I stopped blogging so you knew what was going on but there is a difference---it is nice to be back.

Oh Ms. Sally what can I say---Thank you Thank you sounds lame but you know my feelings it is great to have you take time to stop and welcome be back especially during this very difficult time in your life. My friend you have always been in my thoughts and prayers but even more so recently. Thank you for being the special lady you are.

My special friend Gypsy---It really is me---For real it is me and thanks for the very special welcome back---I must say one of my disappointments was knowing I would not find your special door open these days---but I;ll let you in on a secret---I kept up with most which you knew that for I did drop you a message from time to time. Maybe one day you will return---we have to do what is right for ourselves and our life and only we can know that.
Again thanks my friend